A wellness focused practice for special needs pets who may need daily or weekly therapy to promote wellness and harmony.

Special Needs Day Care

UnBound Center for Animal Wellness takes pride in the special attention and care that we dote onto every special needs patient. At UnBound, the number of pets accepted is limited to ensure that each dog receives the personalized care he or she needs.


UnBound provides many services for your pets including Acupuncture, Hydrotherapy, Laser Therapy and Massage Therapy. Our Special Needs Day Care is perfect for a pet recovering from an injury/surgery, or pets who are incontinent seniors who need more TLC while mom and dad are at work.

Many of the same techniques used to rehabilitate a dog after surgery are great for actually preventing surgery. As an example by employing hydro-therapy, you build strength in your dog’s rear end and hips and reeducate many abnormal ambulation patterns.

Preventative care, like canine rehabilitation therapy, is superb for increasing strength and range of motion in your dog’s muscles and joints. Which is ideal for the older dog.

Geriatric dogs often suffer from a number of conditions such as arthritis, disc pain and joint stiffness, rehabilitation won’t restore them to puppyhood, but it will sure put a spring back in their step.

Call us today to start your pet on a program of wellness.

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We believe in whole body wellness. Each therapy/treatment session takes into consideration how your pet is feeling and to what treatments he or she has been responding to. We utilize all of the tools available to help your companion feel the best they can.